Things My Husband Says: #notmyboy

I am not sure how it happens but I seem to be attracted to eccentric people who like to push the boundaries of what would be considered normal. In this instance it’s custom outfits for dogs. This new friend (who just might be my soul sister) posts the coolest pictures and I find myself thinking oh yes, I must do this. It’s at this point that I loose my husband’s respect. When two little custom outfits arrived in the mail and I got all giddy with joy he slunched his shoulders and begged oh so pitifully for me to please, please not make his boy wear that. I did feel for him until I just tested the outfit and my little boy lit up like a Christmas tree. He loved his outfit. I was like “look honey, he likes it” as he pranced around all impressed with himself. With shoulders slunched a little more and head now hanging my husband just left the room mumbling something under his breath but the bottom line was he knew he’d lost this round. The pups were a big hit at the Independence Day party… 07-03-2016 4 07-03-2016 9 07-03-2016 16 07-03-2016 19 07-03-2016 20 07-03-2016 33 07-03-2016 40 07-03-2016 41 07-03-2016 42

We are visiting a goat farm in a few months and I’m thinking my little girl needs a milk maid’s dress. What do y’all think?

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