Things My Husband Says #fingerpokerthings

Me (text to him while he was out of town)…


When he got home: “Finger poker things? OMG”

*Background: 1)We hate grocery shopping so much that we have decided we should both suffer rather than one or the other enduring this torture alone. I was being super awesome and doing the grocery shopping myself while he was out of town hence the “no good deed” reference and 2) Finger poker things is not the technical term but it might as well be. I can’t seem to ever recall what they should be called and have been using this term for 25+ years now. They are for checking one’s blood sugar.

**Note: Um, wtf? I’m out solving the world’s problems aka grocery shopping and fixing a broken vehicle and he’s drinking beer???

***Follow up report: This was about a week ago and we’ve eaten the aforementioned food. We survived.

****Note 2: Aforementioned is all one word? Who knew? Learn something new every day!!

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