Let There Be Goats

…This is not where we stayed lol.

Recently we decided to make Tennessee the next long term stop in our roller coaster life. Our Florida home will be going on the market and the search for the perfect spot in
Tennessee has begun. First come the scouting trip. Wait, no, first comes the scouting for a place to stay while scouting. Why is it so hard to find pet friendly accommodations????? After hours of searching for hotels and KOA sites with pet friendly cabins I fell upon airbnb.com and a great little guest house on a goat farm that is totally pet friendly and best of all wicked lotta affordable perfectly located between Knoxville and Nashville. For this next adventure, we want land. My wish list would include a great view, a small but functional home set far back from the road, a water feature of some sort, lots of room to roam and no neighbors right on top of me.  My other half’s wish list just adds abundant wildlife for hunting and a barn or workshop to his wish list.

While the internet is a great way to search for just what we want, there is no substitute for seeing it in person. Off to TN we went. We arrived near the goat farm, lost cell service and our gps signal, attempted to follow the directions from the home owner but were still completely lost. Thanks to a kind neighbor we found that we were on the back side of the property and quickly rerouted to the goat farm accommodations we had booked.

The trip found us one place we loved that was not on our list and showed us that all the places on our list were not at all what we had expected. We found a realtor who “got” us with whom we entrusted to find the right place when the time was right. But forget about the property search, the really awesome part of this trip turned out to be the goat farm itself.

The nice couple who own the farm live above the barn and had this little house built for his mother who had long since passed. Renting out via airbnb.com gave them a use for the little house and turned out to be absolutely the perfect fit for us. I got to milk goats, feed chicken and tour all over the land. The dogs made friends with the farm dogs and were able to roam free in most areas. There were bulls and cows and goats and chickens and mules and piggies and a rooster who delighted me every morning with his call for the approaching daylight. I loved every minute of our stay there and cant wait to start our new adventure in Tennessee.

OMG it’s got my hair!!!!



Good little travelers

Why Birthdays Are Important

When I was a kid birthdays were always exciting. The anticipation of what gift you would get from your parents, friends, other relatives was better than Christmas because this one was all about me. Then you grow up, have kids of your own and somewhere, somehow your own birthday comes and goes without much fanfare. I had put everyone ahead of me. One day while reading some motivational/self-help gobbledygook it struck me that the ME of me was lost. That was the day I decided there had to be a least one dang day that was all about ME, where I was the center of attention, where others put me first instead of the other way around and where I didn’t feel guilty about that.


Saying it and desiring it are a HUGE difference from actually doing it though. I figured since my birthday was coming up that would be my dang day. All I wanted to do was go to a restaurant I had not been to before. That’s it. That was my big plan. Sounds easy enough right. The first year it was. I dragged an entire entourage of immediate and extended family along and they all cooperated. As the years passed this group of people who love me became rather cranky about long drives outside their comfort zones and it just became more stress than fun for me so it stopped and with it, the day of ME stopped as well.

Eventually we moved away from all of the extended family and life just went on about it’s thing, days passing, birthdays coming and going. No fanfare. And then I began to approach my 40th. Something had to change. I wanted my ME day back and I wanted it bigger and better than ever. I wanted to not please anyone by inclusion in my special day, participate or don’t, this is about ME.

I scheduled myself, just me for a swim with the dolphins. My husband agreed to take the day off from work to tag along as my photographer but didn’t want to swim with the dolphins. If he had wanted to that would have been great but I’m actually happy he didn’t. Me doing this by myself was significant. I came back to life. I love life and always make the best of it no matter what but had come to feel lost in it. This day put me smack dab in there center of my own life. I was special, significant and the center of attention (even if only in my own head – there were like 11 other tourist in my group).

From that day forward I’ve always tried to make my birthday mean something, tackle something I’ve always wanted to do, challenge myself in some way. I’ve been zip lining, toured the Everglades by air-boat and fed the gators, I’ve been to a zoo and had a bird perch itself right atop my head. I’ve been to Dollywood and the Great Smokey Mountains, a butterfly museum, seen the sunrise and sunset over the ocean in the same day and can’t wait to see what the years ahead bring.

Find your way to celebrate you. You won’t regret it. Mine rarely actually falls on my birthday but by claiming it as my birthday thing I take extra pride it celebrating it and make sure I take that picture of me being silly because I want to even if it might embarrass someone with me, buy that t-shirt I don’t need, ride that ride no one else will go on and throw my arms in the air like I just don’t care – giddy with joy the whole time.

I am the most awesome person I know. It’s ok for me to say that, even better for me to feel that. Be the most awesome person you know.

Things My Husband Says: #notmyboy

I am not sure how it happens but I seem to be attracted to eccentric people who like to push the boundaries of what would be considered normal. In this instance it’s custom outfits for dogs. This new friend (who just might be my soul sister) posts the coolest pictures and I find myself thinking oh yes, I must do this. It’s at this point that I loose my husband’s respect. When two little custom outfits arrived in the mail and I got all giddy with joy he slunched his shoulders and begged oh so pitifully for me to please, please not make his boy wear that. I did feel for him until I just tested the outfit and my little boy lit up like a Christmas tree. He loved his outfit. I was like “look honey, he likes it” as he pranced around all impressed with himself. With shoulders slunched a little more and head now hanging my husband just left the room mumbling something under his breath but the bottom line was he knew he’d lost this round. The pups were a big hit at the Independence Day party… 07-03-2016 4 07-03-2016 9 07-03-2016 16 07-03-2016 19 07-03-2016 20 07-03-2016 33 07-03-2016 40 07-03-2016 41 07-03-2016 42

We are visiting a goat farm in a few months and I’m thinking my little girl needs a milk maid’s dress. What do y’all think?

Note to Self #24: Pee BEFORE applying nail polish

OMG tell me I’m not the only one who realizes they have to “go” about half way through the application of their nail polish. Why oh why have I done this repeatedly????? I’m pretty sure the ensuing potty dance with flailing arm and screeching groans taps deep into my American Indian dna and brings rain storms.

Let me be clear, I’m referring to fingers not toes. If you are relating to this post and thinking toes I just must hear the rest of that reasoning.

nail polish

If not Out of Whack then what?


I totally get what it means when something is out of whack but was it in whack before? What started this saying – out of whack? Why? I mean, for example – “It’s been the craziest day. I’m completely out of whack. Nothing is going my way today” or “It’s been a great day. I’m soooo in whack. Everything is going my way today.” ~ Ya… NO! I really feel for people trying to learn the English language as adults. It defies logic regularly.

If anyone out there has a good explanation as to how something can be out of whack without first having been in whack, please, please by all means explain it to me!

That’s what I get for exercising


Last night Roger and I strapped on our backpacks and went for a hike deep, deep in the woods. Jeans, snakeboots, long sleeve shirt, gloves, hat and and bug shield whole head cover. (It’s Florida, this is necessary) I should be good to go right. Wrong!! A hard hike complete, we hop in the truck to head home. Now mind you the only things I have removed at this point are my gloves and whole head cover. Whammo, something bit or stung me on my upper left arm. Figuring it was another freaking yellow fly (demon spawns from Hell they are) I smack and figure oh great, another 3 weeks of itching like crazy. Oh, how I wish, how I wish that’s all it was! I think the yellow flies have heard my nasty remarks about wishing for their extinction and have formed an evil plot against me. By the time we got home not only was I itching like mad I was now also quite swollen. I’m super sensitive to those demon spawns so some swelling is to be expected. This started to go beyond that. I put on some topical itch relief stuff which did help to stop the itch but now my arm was feeling hot and huge. Ok, hmmm??? Roger decides maybe it was a wasp. I’ve never been stung by a wasp so I have no idea how I’ll react and off to google I go. Yep, seems like this could be a wasp instead. Packed in ice, I headed for bed. I didn’t sleep because the swelling was interfering with my circulation just enough to get the tingles, driving me nuts. By morning the whole upper arm, elbow to shoulder was monster sized, hard as a rock and hot as lava. Oddly enough I just happened to have a doctor’s appointment anyway so I figured I could wait for that. I got there, in comes the doc, checks my arm, returns in a few with a shot. Now I’m on a steroid for the “allergic reaction”. Let me remind you, we were out there to get hard core exercise, exercise I desperately need because
I can’t stand being this chunky. Now I’m on a steroid which will make me GAIN. Lovely.

Yellow fliessplatbug and there evil pals (wasps I assume – still unknown) 1, Me 0. This is not the end. Oh you better watch out you demon spawns from Hell. It’s on now. I will take down everyone of you I see and you’re evil pals too!


*Update:  I’m seriously thinking about inventing my staypuffvery own hazmat suit with a built in air conditioner. I’ll be all Stay Puff Marshmallow in the woods. Maybe I could make the a/c’s exhaust kill all the demon spawns. Hmmmm

Things My Husband Says #theGilbertconnection

Background: We’re empty nesters. We now have to entertain our own selves yet we don’t like the same tv shows or basically any of the same things. We do, however, drink a little. We don’t like to drive if we’ve been drinking, even in small amounts. Ok, we don’t really know the meaning of small doses. We like being alive too much to drink and drive. We’re too cheep to pay for a DUI . Take your pick. The point is we have a lot of time at home, just the two of us and our liquor cabinet, and our 3 dogs plus one psycho cat. Soooo… we listen to a lot of Pandora cranked up while enjoying a few coctails in the evenings. We’ve added a competitive level to our listening by trying to name that artist before the one can.


A song comes on. I’m feeling the knowledge. I can get this one. The wheels are turning in my head. The mumbling of my random thoughts are putting it together. My fingers are tapping each other like I’ve just figured out the plot to take over the world. I’ve got it and I announced the artist. This is what followed:

Him:  How you got there I’ll never know. (knowing something crazy just went down in my brain)

Me: Brantley Gilbert – Little House On The Prairie – Laura Ingles – Melissa Gilbert – Gilbert – Brantley Gilbert – duh!

Laura's happyarrow-clip-art-othersBrantley_Gilbert_2013

Things My Husband Says #fingerpokerthings

Me (text to him while he was out of town)…


When he got home: “Finger poker things? OMG”

*Background: 1)We hate grocery shopping so much that we have decided we should both suffer rather than one or the other enduring this torture alone. I was being super awesome and doing the grocery shopping myself while he was out of town hence the “no good deed” reference and 2) Finger poker things is not the technical term but it might as well be. I can’t seem to ever recall what they should be called and have been using this term for 25+ years now. They are for checking one’s blood sugar.

**Note: Um, wtf? I’m out solving the world’s problems aka grocery shopping and fixing a broken vehicle and he’s drinking beer???

***Follow up report: This was about a week ago and we’ve eaten the aforementioned food. We survived.

****Note 2: Aforementioned is all one word? Who knew? Learn something new every day!!